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Like many dental practices, the cyber security incident that occurred with Change Healthcare is impacting processes at First Dental Health. This event has disrupted electronic claims we receive from Change Healthcare. We continue to work closely with Change Healthcare to understand the extent of the event. At this time, we do not have evidence that customer data has been compromised.

In addition to Change Healthcare, we actively participate with DentalXchange and Vyne (previously Tesia) for EDI claims processing. To continue to serve provider needs during this time of disruption, you can also submit claims via paper. Mail claim forms to ­­­­­­­First Dental Health PO BOX 919029 SAN DIEGO, CA 92191.

Claims repricing and data integrity services

Sharpen your competitive edge in dental claims processing by leveraging the dental management expertise of First Dental Health®.

First Dental Health offers a top-notch claims repricing and data integrity program. All in-network claims are repriced according to the First Dental Health discounted, contracted rate based on both network and provider locations. Each claim field is verified for complete and accurate information including:

Subscriber/patient information
Provider information
Employer information

We review submitted Current Dental Terminology (CDT) codes to help ensure optimized accuracy. This review is contractually and financially binding to all in-network providers.  The payer will receive clean, repriced claims ready for benefit adjudication.  

Our solid track record in dental claims services is based on:

Electronic data interchange (EDI) inbound and outbound capabilities
Partnerships with all major claims clearinghouses
Annual review of CDT codes on dental procedures and nomenclature
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliance
Annual review of First Dental Health contracted provider fees with proven discounts
Industry-leading three business day turnaround
Solutions tailored to the unique needs of dental service providers
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