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First Dental Health is committed to offering prompt, friendly, and helpful assistance to all of our members accessing our First Dental Health networks. Whether you're an individual of a voluntary plan, group-sponsored dental plan or an insured plan through one of our contracted insurance carriers or administrators, you'll find the help you need in our member section.

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First Dental Health offers prompt, friendly, and helpful assistance to all dentists participating in our networks. We strongly value your participation, and therefore are committed to offering you and your office the support you deserve. Whether you have a question about one of the many insurance carriers or administrators with whom we are contracted with, or a question about our very own New Dental Choice Discount Dental Plan, you'll find the help you need from the Dentist section.

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First Dental Health Works for You

Employers, consultants, third-party administrators (TPAs) and dental insurance plan companies are searching for better ways to address the rising costs associated with the increasing demand for dental care. Since 1995, First Dental Health has specialized in working with groups of all sizes and every type of administrator, creating dental networks that help them achieve their specific network savings goals.  

A network for everyone

First Dental Health’s enables clients to pick and choose the solution that best meets their needs. Whether it’s greater savings, wider geographic coverage, or expanded choices, the First Dental Health networks offer everyone simple, but more effective ways to save more money on dental care.

Who uses First Dental Health networks?

Employers of all sizes can realize nearly 50 percent savings in-network, without sacrificing provider choice, using the First Dental Health two-tiered POS network. This represents a savings of nearly 50% over most other PPO networks.

The Exclusive Provider Organization (EPO) network is California’s deepest discounted PPO network. Using the First Dental Health EPO network enables insurance companies to offer dental PPO plans that cost 25-50% less than traditional PPO plans, without sacrificing employees’ freedom of choice.

Companies with a large or growing number of Hispanic employees can save up to 70 percent in-network with the First Dental Health Mexico network. The Mexico PPO network also helps employers deliver dental care to their employees in their “language of comfort” from offices that are properly licensed and insured.

The FDH Access network is a large network offering savings on all dental care procedures – all the time. 

First Dental Health’s Knox-Keene licensed discount dental plan, New Dental Choice, offers uninsured individuals, families and small employers affordable access to providers located nationwide, plus deep discounts typically reserved for large employers and dental insurance plan companies.

At First Dental Health, the network choices and options are stacked in your favor. Discover how easy it is to achieve real savings using the next generation of flexible dental care solutions by contacting us directly.