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When it comes to dental insurance, around 74 million Americans don’t have it and many more are underinsured. Which means there’s an ever-growing demand for more affordable dental care. Studies have shown that people without dental benefits are four times less likely to go to the dentist. And poor dental health can contribute to further health problems. That’s why First Dental Health® has developed a flexible discount product that helps reduce dental care costs.

Affordable plans and large networks

New Dental Choice is a dental discount plan designed for anyone looking to save on the cost of dental care. It’s a standalone, nationally-available membership plan that offers significant discounts on all dental treatments, without limitations on savings or how often membership benefits can be used. This plan focuses on the strength of the First Dental Health ACCESS Network in California and Arizona, Diversified Dental Services Network in Nevada, and Principal Dental Access in all other states.

New Dental Choice is designed to meet the needs of:

Seniors and retirees
Individuals and families
Associations or affinity groups
Small employers

New Dental Choice helps make quality dental care more accessible. When dental treatments are affordable, people are more likely to see their dentists and maintain their oral health, which helps protect their overall well-being.

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