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FAQs (Dentists)

Frequently asked questions from dentists
What is First Dental Health®?

First Dental Health is an independent dental network management company founded in 1995 that also boasts an international presence. With a long history of creating and managing industry-leading dental networks, we partner with over 40 insurance companies, plan administrators, and employer groups to offer dental professionals access to over 2 million potential new patients. Our network is available in California, Arizona, and Nevada. We are not an insurance company or an HMO.

How do we know which payors First Dental Health is contracted with?

First Dental Health distributes an Eligibility and Benefit Reference Guide to all our providers, indicating which payors we are contracted with.

How do we find information about benefits and eligibility?

First Dental Health does not hold eligibility and benefit information. Please refer to the patient’s ID card to contact the correct plan administrator. The Eligibility and Benefit Reference Guide also lists a phone number to contact.

Do you require a special claim form?

First Dental Health does not require a special claim form. A standard American Dental Association (ADA) form may be used to submit dental claims for processing.

Can we send claims electronically?

Currently, First Dental Health only accepts claims electronically through a variety of clearinghouses. However, not all claims are submitted to First Dental Health, and you should contact the plan administrator or insurance number listed on your patient’s ID card for claims information.

If you do not determine benefits, why do you need to see our claims?

Some employer groups have chosen our claims repricing and data integrity option. In these cases, First Dental Health claims analysts review the accuracy of each claim’s Current Dental Terminology (CDT) codes, as well as subscriber, patient, and provider information to reprice at contracted fees. Then the claim is sent directly to the payor for the explanation of benefits and payment process.

How will patients know which dentists are First Dental Health providers?

First Dental Health produces a complete directory of participating dentists on our website. Patients can also call our customer service team at 1-800-334-7244 to verify dentist participation.

Do you accept all dentists?

First Dental Health has credentialing standards which all licensed providers must reach. Contact us to learn more about becoming a participating dentist.

Are there any administrative fees associated with First Dental Health?

No administrative fees are required to participate with First Dental Health.

What must a provider submit to join the First Dental Health network?

A completed provider application along with copies of your state license, specialty diploma (if applicable), current federal DEA certificate, professional liability insurance, and business W-9 form. Contact us to learn more about becoming a participating dentist.

How long does it take to become a provider after submitting the requested information?

First Dental Health accepts new providers daily. The contract effective date can be within ten business days from the receipt of the completed information and credentials.

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