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FAQs (Members)

Frequently asked questions from members
What is First Dental Health® and why is it listed on my ID card?

First Dental Health is a network of participating dentists that various insurance companies, plan administrators, and employer groups choose as part of their employee dental benefits. Our number is on the ID card, so patients can contact us to find a participating dentist or confirm if their current dentist is contracted.

Can a patient see a specialist without first seeing a general dentist?

Yes, patients can visit any participating dentist without a referral. However, we recommend they call the number on their ID card to get a breakdown of specialty benefits.

Can a patient change their dentist without prior authorization?

First Dental Health is not a Health Maintenance Organization (HMO), so there is no dentist assignment and patients can visit any participating dentist of choice. Just make sure to confirm the new dentist is participating in the network chosen by the employer (i.e., PPO, EPO, etc.) before having treatment.

Can a patient see a dentist if they are not participating in the First Dental Health network?

Some employers don’t offer the same level of benefits when services are provided by a non-participating dentist, and many offer no benefits at all. By visiting a First Dental Health participating dentist, you could extend your benefit dollars further, because our dentists are contracted to a discounted list of fees. Contact us to learn more!

How can a patient nominate their dentist if they are not participating in First Dental Health?

The process is simple! Just complete a nomination form online or call First Dental Health and we’ll take care of the rest!

What does PPO mean?

PPO stands for Preferred Provider Organization. It means First Dental Health providers follow a contracted fee schedule for the services they provide patients whose employers have chosen this network as part of the dental benefits.

What does EPO mean?

EPO stands for Exclusive Provider Organization. The First Dental Health EPO network provides patients access to a greater reduced fee-for-service. The patient’s employer must have chosen the EPO network as part of their benefits, and the dentist must participate in this network for patients to receive the added benefits. This network is known as PPO Plus in Arizona and Nevada.

What does fee-for-service mean?

Fee-for-service is when dental or other healthcare providers agree to accept contracted fees for services as payment in full.

Does First Dental Health process and pay patient claims?

Some dental claims are mailed to First Dental Health for review and repricing. However, First Dental Health does not hold benefit information. Patients need to contact the plan administrator or insurance phone number listed on their ID card to confirm claim benefits and payment information.

Does First Dental Health have an individual or senior plan?

Yes, we know how important affordable dental care is and that’s why we offer an affordable dental savings plan called New Dental Choice.

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