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First Dental Health is committed to offering prompt, friendly, and helpful assistance to all of our members accessing our First Dental Health networks. Whether you're an individual of a voluntary plan, group-sponsored dental plan or an insured plan through one of our contracted insurance carriers or administrators, you'll find the help you need in our member section.

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First Dental Health offers prompt, friendly, and helpful assistance to all dentists participating in our networks. We strongly value your participation, and therefore are committed to offering you and your office the support you deserve. Whether you have a question about one of the many insurance carriers or administrators with whom we are contracted, or a question about our very own New Dental Choice Discount Dental Plan, you'll find the help you need from the Dentist section.

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Dental Claims Review Professionals

Reviewing claims for dental necessity ensures quality care and decreased costs for your clients/employees/members. First Dental Health's dental claims services are contractually binding on all network providers.

Achieve higher savings with the assurance of quality

Each First Dental Health claims reviewer's expertise highlights the benefits of the claims processing service that includes:

  • Electronic receipt of claims
  • Paper-to-EDI (electronic data interchange) to speed and simplify work flow
  • Guaranteed checks for complete data entry
  • Review of dental necessity
  • Business turnaround – three business days
  • Professional staff on call for technical assistance
  • Cost Savings Reports breaking down the savings from the network, re-pricing and review

The benefits of First Dental Health claims review

First Dental Health focuses all of its resources on dental network administration and management. Working with First Dental Health will help you:

  • Reduce administrative staffing overhead
  • Free up your business capabilities to maintain existing clients and win new ones